My name is Carol Evans and I am an event planner located in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley in Central California.  Let me tell you where the name comes from, my middle name is Ruth, and my dad called my mom Ruthy as Ruth was her middle name as well, my mom has passed away but to have her as a part of all that I do, Ruthy it is.  And details comes from me being very detailed.  I love design and I love helping people, combine the two and that is where it all started.  I love to plan events, I can picture every little detail in my head, and I love seeing it come to life.  I love to work with my clients to make their dreams and visions combined with mine to create an unforgettable event.  I definitely have southern roots and was taught hospitality from a young age.  I love to bring hospitality and a homey feel to every event. Seeing my clients happy, satisfied, even thrilled at the end of the event is my main goal, and to make the journey along the way pleasant and one that we both enjoy.   Whether your event is large or small, I would love to help you make it one of your dreams.


That’s me just to the right of the beautiful bride, Emma Myers, with my dream team!